Thinking, writing, thinking about writing…

Feed Me

What I want and what I need

what I want to want

and what I think I want

are different

and changed again.


Praise sandwiched in snide greens  I can deal with.

But praise unbound leaps and gags the wary mind.


So feed me:

News in small digested parcels.

Awe in sane confects I can see and understand.

Joy in self-contained units, allotments of peace.

Lust in sanitised tray with neat compartments.

Change in easy gulps, fear in whispered inklings.


Feed me when the world turns colder.

Don’t open what I cannot bear.

Close the door, the draughts, the weather…

I fear ‘too much’, I crave no more.

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6 thoughts on “Feed Me

  1. Your poems are great, Marina. They always give me a lift to read – keep em coming :-) x

  2. Thank you for reading so promptly and always happy to lift you! Hope your writing is going well? Today is my first day back at the desk after the holidays, but sadly have to do LOTS of admin tasks (which I’ve been putting off for far too long). So I think this poem was a protest against all that.

  3. yeah this one speaks a lot: Don’t open what I cannot bear.

    great work in here ;)

  4. Delicious poem. Just the right amount to let me believe.

  5. Great poem. In between worlds.

  6. The girl in the hat is right, this is simply delicious writing. I think I know what Claire means too, with it being ‘in between worlds’.

    My favourite line is ‘Change in easy gulps, fear in whispered inklings’, just love the evocative ‘whispered inklings’ scrumptious!

    Another fab offering from you Marina, keep ‘em coming (after you’ve tended to your admin)! :)

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