Thinking, writing, thinking about writing…


We only really come aliveOld-fashioned TV

in front of deadened roar of others,

canned laughs still rouse us to sardonic smiles,

while tortuous plots free up our sneers.

Looking carefully ahead, not at each other,

each lost in our singular, unshareable thoughts.

We gossip about them in a semblance of emotion

so trite we stop caring long before the sentence ends.

As unadventurous as last night’s dinner

no miracle can reheat.


Not facing or squaring the truth and the gape,

ever silent we cling to our sofa

and the myth of our togetherness.

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7 thoughts on “Teletubbies

  1. Sisyphus47 on said:

    Reblogged this on Of Glass & Paper and commented:
    Tolerance, or passivity?…

    • Fear of rocking the boat?

      • Sisyphus47 on said:

        Sailing against the wind maybe? I don’t watch much, busy writing or reading (or tweeting!) but I do watch sport and the occasional film. By far we (She and me) prefer the cinema,,, Love the way you write :-)

  2. Robert on said:

    Wow, I really like this, especially “As unadventurous as last night’s dinner

    no miracle can reheat.” God, that’s a powerful line.

  3. Ouch! Anyone whose been in a long term relationship will get this.

  4. I used to look at my parents and think: ‘I’ll never end up like this…’

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