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The Poem of Laughter and Forgetting

How do I forget thee?

Let me count the ways…


I forget when I laugh over silly accents, when I flirt

and linger, reflected in others’ eyes.

I forget when I cry over details misremembered, whispers misquoted,

each one erring in your favour, building a love

heroic out of daily fatigue.

I forget how distance each day can edge a wrinkle,

how dust will add each layer, a little more complete.


I forget your voice, your smell just after kissing,

the way you wear your hat

and that you never sipped tea with me.

But I can still recall and will forever savour

the feelings you awakened and nourished in me.

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14 thoughts on “The Poem of Laughter and Forgetting

  1. Absolutely love this and agree – its the little, mundane simple things that carve the deepest valleys in memory.

  2. What a lovely poem! It evokes so effectively the things that we remember about the ones we’ve loved. There’s just the right note of bittersweet here.

    • Is it just me – I seem to remember more good things than bad about people I have loved and lost… even if the reality was quite different.

      • Marina Sofia – I don’t think it’s just you. I think a lot of us are like that. We remember the good things about people we’ve loved. It is I think human nature.

      • Marina Sofia and Margot, I do this too. Remember the good. Even from those who have hurt me.
        Marina, what a gentle spirit you are. This poem, too, is beautiful.

  3. This one makes me feel sad, Marina …

  4. This really hits home, Marina. I always wonder when a relationship ends, where does the love go? Your poem speaks to that internal turmoil. Well done :))

  5. Beautiful and true. This one speaks directly to my heart …

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  7. Hi Marina, I’ve nominated your blog for the Gargie Award. For more info. please check,

    I hope you’re doing well!

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