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Mind the Gap

Yearning, LongingI miss you like a boat craves the water

perched aloft in dry dock winter.

I miss you like the sails ache for the wind,

the storms still to come, the journeys to make.

My adventures incomplete, I tack uselessly against the current,

caught in the pull of your wake.

I miss you like a fish misses swimming,

each muscle a memory.

I miss myself

my self

with you.

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8 thoughts on “Mind the Gap

  1. Marina Sofia – What a lovely expression of what it’s like to miss a person or for the matter of that a place.

  2. LOL–I can hear the Tube announcement over all of this; years of conditioning! Lovely emotion, thanks for sharing!

  3. I like the contrast between something as mundane as ‘Mind the Gap’ and the poignant feeling of missing a relationship.

  4. I always bring to mind the story of the girl who told her father, “I love you more than meat loves salt.” …. Cap O’ Rushes

    • Interesting – didn’t know that story, but we have a very similar Romanian fairy tale. ‘Sarea in Bucati’. Makes you wonder just how interconnected and global the world was a few centuries ago!

  5. Lovely imagery.

  6. I love this poem, Marina . . . “each muscle a memory.” Lovely.

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