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Inspired by a Picture



Claudia from dVerse Poets has introduced us to a wonderful German artist, Judith Clay, whose dream-like paintings are our poetic inspiration this week.  For more pictures and details, please visit Judith’s website

Blue Moon

Please take just this once my hand

and lead me to the terrace

to bathe in silken moonrays

drink in the shush of trees

laugh softly at the mewl of plaintive cats

and trace that whimper within us

eyes sinking in each other’s.


For once switch off reason

indulge in full moon madness

dance among the giants of Poesy

and leave

algorithms, measurements

to tremble just a little

at fear of your neglect,

your newfound magic powers.

And if you can’t lead, follow,

join me in this folly,

savour every twinkle

of fairy-silver dust.

As I ascend, so fly me

with eyes open to wonder

and planetary music our only constant guides.

Just be

Just feel

Oh sweetness

of stolen blue

moon incantation.

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33 thoughts on “Inspired by a Picture

  1. trace the whimper within us…oo i love that….and def some moon madness…and if not leading to follow…eyes open, lets fly…smiles…like the whimsy in this….

  2. oh nice…i like how you move with your poem in just that dreamy mood of her pic….a bath in silken moonrays…i’m def. in for this..ha…just being and a bit of fullmoon madness…sounds wonderful

  3. This poem is filled with a beautiful kind of joy. I love the folly and the fairy dust!!

  4. I enjoyed the romantic mood of your poem!

  5. Marina Sofia – What a lovely hymn to a little moon-madness. There’s something about the moon that takes us out of it all isn’t there? And you capture it perfectly.

  6. I really like the first stanza moving into the moon madness of love in the second. A sweet tribute to uncondional passion… Very romantic

  7. Magical… I especially like the 2nd stanza.

  8. How totally romantic ~ I love the blue full moon madness ~

  9. A sensuous invitation, irresistible, I would image. It is full of what we long to engage but rarely allow ourselves the joy of experiencing. Beautiful!

  10. I have someone I’d like to send this invitation to! Like you, I wish everyone could enjoy being a bit crazy from time-to-time. And the full moon can do it!

  11. …fly… fly… fly… i always dream to fly like peter pan & now like Mary, the girl in that artwork… fly me to the moon & together we play incantation… loved this… smiles…

  12. Do the needful to savor life at its best, just fly away into some ostensibly good times. Sometimes one need to do just that! Nicely Marina!


  13. oh yes, to drink in the shush of trees and let ourselves go moon-mad, even if only once – delicious, lovely

    • The tree in our garden was making this ‘shush-shush’ noise in the breeze and I couldn’t find a better way of describing it. Thank you, Ruth, for your kind words.

  14. Truly beautiful, I love it … ‘to tremble just a little

    at fear of your neglect,’

  15. What a delightful journey you invite us to take. “For once switch off reason, indulge in full moon madness.” Wonderfully inspiring.

  16. … drink in the shush of trees… I like that! = )

  17. lovely! a very nice poetic journey!

  18. Oooooh, how nice! The second stanza is great. I especially like the beginning of it– “For once switch off reason/indulge in full moon madness/dance among the giants of Poesy/and leave/algorithms, measurements/to tremble just a little/at fear of your neglect… wonderful wording.

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