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More Dreamy Pictures

I am still negotiating time zones, hotel rooms with heating systems which require a degree in electrical engineering and dodgy in-flight entertainment, so I am not quite in the frame of mind to write something substantial here. Although odd fragments of poetry keep cropping up…  So here are some colourful escapist images to feed my imagination.

Balcony garden,

Balcony garden,

Cats in bookshelves on Tumblr.

Cats in bookshelves on Tumblr.

Macarons in Yvoire, France

Macarons in Yvoire, France

Artwork, Art en Campagne.

Artwork, Art en Campagne.


Hopefully, yours too!



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2 thoughts on “More Dreamy Pictures

  1. I love those macarons! Yum! And so colourful.

  2. Sisyphus47 on said:

    Those endless business trips are the plague of intelligence ~ suffering for you dear friend… :)

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