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The Iron Vice



It’s the home cheer of familiar

ache again,

the throb of head splitting and shrieking.

It’s whooshing in, taking over.

And in its wake, ideas all spent.

Metal clamp squeezes your world snugly,

deigns to let a single

streak of despair flash out…

then back to gaping, waiting darkness.


November gloom and rain have put me in a sluggish mood. For a less glum take on poetry, please see what the wonderful poets at dVerse Poets Pub have contributed to the weekly Open Link Night

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33 thoughts on “The Iron Vice

  1. ah, put a smile on that face…it’s just a month….dark and dreary but….smiles…i know for many this is a tough time of year…full of memories as well…

  2. Yes, this whole month is depressing gray ~ But cheer up, Christmas or December cheer is just around the corner ~ Smiles ~

  3. Well, this pretty well characterizes the bleakness of December!! Hope that poetry writing helps.

  4. Marina Sofia – Yes, the world does seem to close in like that at times. You’ve captured it well and I hope that lets you exorcise that feeling.

  5. The cold does make one feel the coldness within.
    The weather has taken a drastic turn here and the winters are quite early this year. Well-penned.

  6. november is a difficult month..the highlight for me is my daughter’s birthday..ha…brings some light into it…. do yourself something good…buy some flowers, take a hot bath with candle light…helps..smiles

    • Looking forward to the Advent Sundays – since having children, Christmas no longer feels quite so commercial and tacky, but also like fun… at least most of the time!

  7. I’ve had headaches like that – and I’m not fond of the dark winter months. We’ve just booked a weeks break in the sun in January; it’s something I’d recommend if you can manage it.

  8. Add the headaches to November and it bacomes like hell on earth. The darkness hurts my soul

  9. Headaches are bad enough but they are even worse when the days are bleak! You have expressed it very well Marina!

  10. Marina, you describe pain perfectly here. Intense write. I myself twisted my back on Friday in the classroom and have been in horrid pain for three days. But yesterday I bought a magical pill suggested my neighbour friend. I feel much better now. November doesn’t bother me so much though, mainly because there is no snow on the horizon here, ever. There is comfort in that.


    • Sorry to hear about your pain. It’s difficult to focus on anything when you are in agony, isn’t it? I was trying to capture that feeing of helplessness, that you can’t ‘willpower’ your way out of the situation.

  11. the first line blew me away..’home cheer of familiar ache’ indeed November dreary & wet can bring on the blues..when I read the first line I thought of my old injury that flares up in the cold damp. good write, tho I hope you get some sunshine soon to lift you

  12. You wrote it so well. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Hi Marina, Thanks for your recent comment – Judging by this piece, I sense you are a brave poet and something of a kindred spirit – “back to gaping, waiting darkness…” Indeed! With Best Wishes to you Scott

  14. I’m glad I caught your comment about the migraine as I’m reading this through a headache of my own. Funny didn’t seem that dismal to me :)

    • My migraines usually last 3 days and make me violently sick and almost incapable of doing anything else. Perhaps I can’t bear to think or describe them too closely when I’m not in the throes of them.

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