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To Be Seduced

Purple sheets and iron rings

Seduction blares

A trumpet whore.

But I prefer the subtle strokes

of half-guessed thoughts.

Aslant leaves all to be desired.


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33 thoughts on “To Be Seduced

  1. Excellent poem, vivid imagery love it.

  2. the subtle strokes
    of half-guessed thoughts…. hmmm…. seduction is def. a game with lots and lots of subtle nuances…. nice…

  3. Marina Sofia – This is so evocative! I love the way you use shades and imagery here.

  4. this is part of the beauty of knowing someone…discovering what their pleasures are….the seduction does not stop after marriage either…the game goes on…if you play it well….

  5. I like the idea of ‘half – guessed thoughts.’ It is always interesting to think about what someone else is saying & just where the conversation is leading & what is BEHIND the expressed thoughts. A good conversation is more than meets the eye.

  6. I love the subtle strokes & half guessed thoughts ~ Seduction is a mind game, you know ~ Thanks for linking up ~

  7. Half-guessed thoughts – mmmhmmm indeed! They are the very heart of a good seduction. Well done!

  8. “Purple sheets and iron rings”: no mystery there. “Subtle strokes

    of half-guessed thoughts”: much more seductive.

  9. Subtlety of mind is always more attractive than blatant seduction techniques!

  10. I too prefer the subtle strokes.
    Mark Butkus

  11. Wonderful! I especially loved half-guessed thoughts and aslant leaves!

  12. Seduction blares a trumpet whore is brilliant.

  13. I think I prefer the subtle thoughts to the blatant trumpet to.. love how your words roll on the tongue…

  14. Nice…….you say a a lot in this small paragraph or stanza…I’m with the majority here.;)

  15. a very seductive poem.

  16. Nice. Def prefer subtlety. It adds to the mystique of a seduction. I like your write.

  17. Yes, subtlety is my preference too… although too subtle and I might just miss it!

  18. Patricia Sands on said:

    Oui … la séduction doit être un art subtil …

  19. poetrypea on said:

    I think your approach is best.

  20. Brendan on said:

    Never use a hammer will a feather will more than do. Loved it, especially those “subtle strokes / of half-guessed thoughts.” That indeed is the dance.

  21. “aslant”– yes. sometimes less is more in that seduction game, truly.

  22. Very clever–aslant leaves is a phrase with wonderful posibilities, multiple meanings. Thanks for your advice on my poem. k.

  23. Evocative and good!

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