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Mother Love

Can’t take my eyes off you

compact form

rubicund cheeks

biggest mischief-eyes

your bounce in every step.

From the spectators’ gallery at the gym

I pour all my love my admiration

I’d even adore, if that weren’t so embarrassing…

But only at a distance…

As long as you don’t speak, never whine,

when your mouth does not form into stubborn slit

as long as no grumble rumbles in our umbilical cord

as long as you stay unmarred and perfect.

Inspired by gym galas, Yummy Mummys and scruffy ones like me…

Linked to the Open Link Night fun over at dVerse Poets, where we are discussing passion over form this week. Well, my son is passionate about his trampolining, but his form… Still, in my eyes, he is the best competitor out there!

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22 thoughts on “Mother Love

  1. Brendan on said:

    Even Mummy carries a double-edged truth in her heart-pocket. Its where the divine and the human keep tripping the other up.

  2. or it is utterly overwhelmingly unbelievably amazing when it IS [perfect I mean].
    Even if it is only what one believes to be the case. Liked your contained adoration with a touch of healthy criticism.

  3. yikes….no pressure there to stay perfect and unmarred eh? not an easy one as i dont know many if any that make it out without a few at least…….i would rather the beauty in th imperfection…

    • I had parents like that. If I got an A, it was a question of ‘why not A+?’ and I swore not to do it to my kids. But I recognise this tendency in myself and in others…

  4. I can definitely feel the mother’s pride in this piece, as well as the knowledge that perfection is always elusive!

  5. Marina Sofia – You’ve captured that dual nature of mother attachment absolutely perfectly here. And it is so hard to admit that other side of it at times.

  6. Beautifully written.

  7. Nicely done. We see their perfection, or their potential as perfected, and yet we have to love them stumbles and grumbles and all. Well done, love the balance and contrast with the fine thread of love all the way through.

  8. haha…. it’s easy to love them in those special moments and in others…oy…we do anyway…smiles

  9. So sweet.. and sometimes at distance it’s just perfection… but then there’s that whining…. (hope there’s no wining).

  10. We never do really sever the umbilical chord, do we? Always connected to our kids, even when they have three doors of anger shut between us…
    Tina @ Life is Good

    • We’re a Latin and Mediterranean family, so our moments of anger can be quite spectacular, but I just have to hope they have no damaging or lasting effects. The connection, as you say, is always pulling at you…

  11. scrbwly on said:

    wow… i’d adore… but only at a distance… stay unmarred … perfect
    how we love something, as long as it’s faraway and conforms to our ideals

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