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Something for the Weekend: Art Walls Instead of Books?

For a bit of Friday fun, I am throwing out the question whether art walls can ever replace books as decorations. I do love art – in galleries or museums. I can certainly dream of having that grown-up kind of house where art blends in effortlessly, unpretentiously and… is worth more than just sentimental memories of the children’s early scribbles.

It’s all in the presentation… (courtesy of some of my favourite interior design websites).

Still, there’s nothing quite so decorative as a gentleman’s club-like library atmosphere where you can hide away from the rest of the world, lost in a book. Right? [Cat not included, but can be a real bonus.]



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11 thoughts on “Something for the Weekend: Art Walls Instead of Books?

  1. Marina Sofia – Those really are some lovely art walls. But I agree with you; there’s nothing like a wall of books…

  2. Yes to the cat, noto the TV set.

  3. Well, I certainly wouldn’t have the TV in the library, but to live without it completely… not sure…

  4. Can’t we have both?? :)

    • Ah, yes, ideally! I’m just reflecting my own lack of organisation (I’ve got some prints begging to be framed for years), while books are just … easier to decorate with.

  5. I like art, and art walls are impressive… but there really is nothing like a wall of bookshelves stacked with books :D Great post.

  6. The art is lovely but I’d love to live in the library :-)

  7. The art walls are too busy for my taste – I’ll have the books please (will provide own cats…)

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