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The Seeker (Attempt at Micropoetics)

Cable Land at CERN

Cable Land at CERN

When you find the restless boson

touch it gently in the depth

seek the wonder ever further

beyond the forest prose of cables.

Micropoetry of 140 characters or less is being served in conjunction with macro photography over at dVerse Poets Pub. Join us and have a look!

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47 thoughts on “The Seeker (Attempt at Micropoetics)

  1. Had to google ‘boson':
    I liked your journey into the reverse.

  2. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) on said:

    A very original subject!

  3. boson is a cool word…i looked it up as well…thinking first of a ships boson…small for small you know….there is beauty in the every day..even the forests of cables…

  4. The details of the details – a wonderful view of things ~

  5. Maria Sofia – What an effective way to talk about seeing details and finding beauty in unexpected places. Impressive!

  6. Ah, clever. I am readng a book about cosmology right now–so interesting. Thanks. k.

  7. I have to admit I had to look up boson as well found this one to be interesting..but, I think I’ll take my forest in the form of leafy trees..

    • Sorry, I didn’t realise ‘boson’ is not part of everyday vocabulary, as my physicist husband talks about it constantly… There is a forbidding beauty of the giant detectors – a pinnacle of human achievement.

  8. loved the reference to depth… fit while with the picture

  9. mind the spin – I’m glad in physics there’s room for poetry

  10. Interesting insight you have in there.

  11. To me your poem shows that there is wonder everywhere, even in places we might not first look.

  12. Higgs boson is called the God particle. Beyond is spiritual..the existence of a something too big=God!

  13. Very cool piece!

  14. Nice shot..and provocative micro poem to go with ;)

  15. Who would have thought there was art and poetry in such a technical environment? Well penned!

  16. Wonderful have made poetry with the Boson particles !! amazing..
    Love the picture of the CERN too.. :-)

  17. I learned a lot by reading the comments. Fascinating poem and photo. The world of physics has come a long way since I studied it in College.

  18. how cool…never heard the word boson before…so you went to the small parts as well for your micro poetry… well worth seeking further… finding beauty in the small everyday things..

    • Yes, they’re about 99.9% certain that they’ve narrowed down the area where the Higgs Boson might be, so we’re really close to nailing it. But I hope that doesn’t mean it will be stuck to paper like a butterfly in a collection.

  19. I love the last line “beyond the forest prose of cables”! Very cool poem with an equally cool picture.

  20. Ah.. deep in those cables lies the trails of the evasive little boson… oh yes very good… (and of course I heard what a boson is)..

  21. there is something…I don’t know…whimsical about this piece which seems in such contrast to the scienciness (sorry for the made up word) of ‘boson’. yet it works very well.

  22. Ooh, lovely! A poem about scientific things – how wonderful!

  23. Great photo and interesting pairing of science and poetry. Well done.

  24. Love this. So well done!

  25. ramblingsfromamum on said:

    I was with Brian and thought of a ships boson, such an unusual and different take on the prompt. Very clever, may I add.

  26. Fascinating – the expected piece lost in a moving forest, and what to think of it now we have? Well said!

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