Winter Haikus

Winter Pass

Soft swish then silence

No traffic out my window-

Snow has come at last.


Steady trickled drip.

Drainpipe thick with icy coat.

Downward flash of mouse.


Frozen carrot nose,

Twigs in perfect puffy spheres.

Ours is best of all.


Lego bricks scatter.

Damp circle in flattened grass,

Where proud snowman stood.


Spit out weak coffee,

Collar up, I venture out

in the toothache cold.


With enormous thanks to Quirina, who reawakened me to the possibilities of the haiku.

2 thoughts on “Winter Haikus”

  1. How beautiful. Thank you for reminding me of the simple elegance of the Haiku. The picture you drew of the cold, quiet beauty of the season gave a serene beginning to my day.

    1. Thank you for your lovely words. I’m always a bit hard on myself (and others) about haikus, because I studied Japanese (and thus the haiku masters). And our Western haikus are usually merely diluted versions of the Japanese ones. But I do like winter, especially in the mountains.
      Oh, and thank you for liking my stories on Cowbird too!

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