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Then and Now

Dense treeBefore, you were the enemy,

much loathed,

feared for remaining elusive,

hanging aloof,

evading and retreating,

after your initial brief attack.

I hunted you in dense jungles,

while you burrowed in deserts dry.

In leafy canopies I screwed up my eyes to seek you,

while you slithered underground.

Mocking my paltry attempts to spear you,

you strung me up

and snuck away.

But now I’ve some to see you

as an ally or a guide.

Drunk on your beauty,

I follow wheresoever you might lead.

Brief glimpses keep me in love,

alluring, bewitching,

I know the pleasure of succumbing.

We could almost be friends.

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9 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Welcome! (Can’t quite bring myself to do smilies.)

  2. Nice. I love how the poem kind of flips around at the end… but not for real. If that made sense. Haha. Really great last two lines.

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  5. smiles….just almost be friends? its a fun game in this…the seeing occassionally but never capturing…it can be frustrating as well at times…but i think you have the right perspective on it…

  6. Quite bewitching ~ I like the turn from enemy to almost be friends ~

    Nice to see you at Pub ~


  7. I get this. That person we think we are at odds with until time makes us nearly friends. I’ve had one or two of those.

  8. Really resonated with me at this particular month in my life! Thank you.

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