Circus in Three Rings

I don’t care where in the world I am

If my lair is cosy,

Well-stocked and well-connected.

I can hibernate year-round

Among familiar smells

Velvety warmth of comfort habits

Foods tried and tested –

Make mine a ham and cheese sandwich-

Yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever –

If the world comes to me through my screen

Why need I go seek it out?

I seek the wind to sail me,

Adventure to toss me.

Even in the face of fear and discomfort

I need to earn warmth and plenty,

When muscles are weary

And brain is saturated.

I need to try newness,

Quench those thirst-filled questions

Too numerous to waste time.

No lifetime is enough –

I’ve got world to conquer.

So one wanders off

Outside the magic circle,

The other firmly within

But absent of mind.

Not much anger but not much laughter either.

We know not which to follow,

As they tear off in opposite directions.

30 thoughts on “Circus in Three Rings”

  1. I like the idea of hibernating with familiar smells for comfort, and (yes) we all need to continue to seek newness, never being content with being fixed in the same place. The last stanza expresses an enigma to me…indeed what to do, which to follow.

  2. a world to conquer… yes… there’s something in me that drives me out into the cold again and again… and it costs me much sometimes to leave the warmth of the house… though the thrill is worth gold..

    1. The thrill and the satisfaction of having attempted, even if not always successfully… There is perhaps a bit of both in most of us, although initially I saw this as a dialogue between two contrasting people.

  3. i want a ham n cheese….ha…i find myself vacilating between the two paths…content to be home, warm, secure…and adventure…ready to conquer the world….adventure usually wins…but at the end of it…it is nice to come home…

    1. I know someone who had a ham and cheese sandwich every day of his working life until he retired – that’s what inspired that line. Hard to choose between adventure and security – but nice if we can have both.

  4. I love the attitude to try new things, not enough in one’s lifetime surely ~

    I seek the wind to sail me,
    Adventure to toss me.

    Happy weekend ~

  5. I like the hibernating and the ham and cheese, but sometimes, I have to go out into the world and experience a club sandwich or Italian sub….familiarity is wonderful, but then, so is adventure. I liked this a lot!

  6. Double homemade cheese burger for me soon. Your poem teases, cajoles, consoles, & instructs; for without forays into the great outdoors, the dreaded cabin fever can settle in with depressing results. After adventures & tribulations outside, the home & hearth always welcomes with open arms & a full larder; soul sanctuary.

  7. This is a writer’s poem, celebrating the cerebral sanctuary of inwardness that makes adventures of the mind possible. It’s what keeps us coming back again and again.

  8. The way we can hibernate in our adventures.. how we can draw our circles in our minds and walk those paths from the comfort of our abode where the food and temperature is right.. But just maybe our adventures will be a little mellow lacking the danger of the outside… hmm.. I need my real outdoors and discomfort as well i think.

  9. That tug-of-war between the two wears me out. There is as much adventure to discover within and much that is within that requires an external adventure to bring it to the surface.

  10. I think you capture the uncertainty one feels as one faces the threshold on going out – there’s a safe, warm plenitude of things that make one feel cozy and secure – to take that step outside is to risk danger and find adventure. We must force ourselves to take that step.

    1. So fascinating to see how a poem takes on a life of its own and an interpretation of its own when it’s out of your hands. I actually meant it to be a dialogue between a mismatched couple (the third stanza being their bewildered children). But it works as an internal struggle as well, I guess.

  11. A place.. a place so far away.. an anger.. a laughter.. so close to heart.. a place where following is only leading.. where anger and laughter mixing become heArt in ART of Heart Reborn… to linger the heart knows not.. as the heart lives free.. knowing no home but ART..:)

  12. A lovely poem. For some reason when I read your final lines:
    “We know not which to follow,

    As they tear off in opposite directions.”

    all I could think of is “The Road Not Taken” by Frost:

    “TWO roads diverged in a yellow wood,
    And sorry I could not travel both
    And be one traveler, long I stood”

    Choosing between warmth and comfort or adventure…tough choice indeed. I think it is our human nature to be pulled in different directions, to always have a choice to make.

  13. Technology has given us convenient socialization without leaving the house. I can feel the pull in your poem between getting out there to explore and staying close to home. And yes…life is too short!!

  14. I must admit to loving my cosy lair and I do (at times) hibernate there, procrastinate over things to do – there is always tomorrow. Then I get mad at myself for wasting a day – a day that could be filled with new adventures or doing things that give me a sense of achievement.
    I seek the wind to sail me too.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  15. Ah, the pros and cons! I think each applies at different times / moods /circumstances…

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