There is a quiet deep down things

I cannot rumble

Will not shake.

There is a beauty among the bricks

That, contemplating,

I might break.

There is a tension, and the trigger

Is sometimes bold,

At times hair-thin.

Do I feel part of something bigger?

I cannot fathom.

May never win.

3 thoughts on “Hush”

  1. Wow, that knocked me back a bit (which is good, mind you). I really like what you’ve done with this poem, especially in its rhyme scheme. It’s short but complex, so I had to read it a few times again, and the poem lodged itself deeper in my mind (which is also good).

    The opening line is brilliant and reminds me of e.e. cummings. Excellent work; write more.

  2. Thank you. I don’t often do rhyming poetry, so it’s great to have some feedback on that. Interesting – e.e. cummings was a huge favourite of mine as teenager! Sometimes I wonder if our old favourites just lodge themselves in our subconscious, ready to slip out at unexpected points in our lives!

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