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Facebook Muse

When women update their Facebook status

with paeans of love to their partner, their rock,

I think: ‘Why can’t you tell him that in the kitchen at breakfast?

On a nice cosy Sunday, all snuggly and soft?’


I get it.  It’s all about celebration,

and shouting from rooftops:

‘I’ve found that soulmate, uniquely ideal,

and, guess what,

he’s still nice ten years down the line!’


It’s reaffirmation,

that life can be fairytold,

though graft and tears and disappointment can slime it,

if Prince Charming will share it

and be staunch at your side.


And then I wonder what it says about my life,

that I have no predilection to celebrate or shout.


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4 thoughts on “Facebook Muse

  1. ecleticnomad on said:

    I enjoyed your facebook poem as well. :D and what you say is so true. If we love our loved ones so much it is important to tell them in person!

  2. About your last line… that makes two of us.

  3. I’m always a little suspicious of the veracity of people who splash overblown endearments over their Facebook or similar – who are they trying to convince?

    But then I’m an old cynic… ;)

  4. I agree, I agree: sharp observation, lovely poem! As with faith, I think it’s more important to LIVE it than TALK about it!!!

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