Surfeit of Boxes

I am still in the throes of moving and do not have Internet or phone or TV connection, nor even a desk on which to put my laptop.  So this is written in less than ideal environment while having a coffee at a place with free Wifi.  I just didn’t want be silent for so long.  Needless to say, my current thoughts are very much taken up with packing, unpacking and cartons.

All packed up.

Not neat,

Just jumbled

Out of sight

In forgettable cartons

With reductionist labels.

At first it seemed the avalanche of boxes would be

Unable to contain a life half-lived, a life half-envied,

Detritus of consumption, dresses never worn.

Then, when the flat was laid to waste,

Bereft of colour, longing, personality,

Pale in its nothingness, reduced to so little –

The rich canvas of life together now squeezed

In his and her boxes,

His and her children,

Safely contained

In their separate storage,

To be manipulated,

Torn bleeding apart,

But bled dry.

Those leaking boxes that overflow

And mess up the new spaces

Wherever you put them down.

Not knowing where

To locate

The heart.

6 thoughts on “Surfeit of Boxes”

  1. Oh honey, I am so with you one hundred per cent of the way. Take it one box at a time, as they say, and you will dig out from under. Meanwhile, a coffee shop with free WiFi sounds like the perfect refuge! Sending you lots of happy unpacking vibes….

  2. I’ve had that thought every time I’ve had to move somewhere: how can my entire life possibly fit into a few cardboard boxes? Yet, it does.

    Also, I’ve always loved the word “surfeit”. Is that weird?

  3. I’ve had to move several times in my life and so I can totally relate with this. I’m still recovering from my most recent move (that is to say I can close my eyes and know exactly where something was in my old house but have absolutely no idea where I placed it in the new one.)

      1. Yup! And then inevitably after just having purchased the duplicate… you find the original!

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