She Had It All

She had it all:

The passion for her work

Lively enquiring minds of her children

Their scrawlings on her American fridge

A husband tender and magical

A house the envy of her neighbourhood

Glowing at night with soft lights

Lazy summer days lounging in the garden


And a lump in her breast the size of a bullet.

7 thoughts on “She Had It All”

  1. And I have a sinking feeling in my tummy. Is this a poem, or is this an announcement? Either way, you’ll have your reasons and I’m sending you big hugs. Huge, big, enormous ones. Stay in touch!

  2. Ouch…that’s a sharp bullet. One of those that goes right through and into people near. That’s a lot of pain and a lot of beauty to fit in so few words. Good job.

    That said, I’m with Nicky. Hoping it’s not autobiographical. *hugs*

    1. Uh-oh! None of my stuff is autobiographical, sorry if I’ve misled you (OK, maybe a little bit of the frustrations of gender inequality, but not massively). Besides, I don’t have the dream house or passionate career etc. But yes, a lady of my acquaintance did inspire it. You and Nicky are sweet to worry about it, though…

      1. It’s ok, just glad to have the negative. Even more impressive to have come “second hand” to that sort of emotion. Really strong stuff! 🙂

  3. this is such good work! the irony isn’t lost…even with all of our riches we are still human after all and subject to what life deals out. Nicely done!!

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