I’ve Lost My Poetry Book

I’ve lost my poetry notebook.

That slender scribbler with blue and white boats on the cover

fitting instantly in pockets

unobtrusive on nighttables

familiar with coffee shops and handbags, desks and grassy mound,

alert and keen

it waited for flighty inspiration.

I’ve lost the mad jottings,

the crossing out, the changes,

synonyms in endless lists,

invented words mocked by their conservative neighbours.


I’ve lost my mind

my moment of respite

my calm in eye of storm

the grips that hold me onto life.


And in the world I know

nothing is ever fully replaceable.

14 thoughts on “I’ve Lost My Poetry Book”

  1. Wow, you expressed my thoughts well from when the mail lost one of my writing notebooks last year in the middle of one of our moves. I was devastated. Six months of work down the drain. And, then they had the nerve to deny my insurance claim. (There were many other things in the same box. ) So, your last line is particularly correct in this instance. “Nothing is ever fully replaceable.”

  2. I have numerous notebooks and I scribble on backs of envelopes or make notes on my phone often because the notebook I need is seldom in the right handbag at the time I want it… (some things can only be jotted in a purple notebook)

    Love this poem. “I’ve lost my mind” – yep, I know that one! 😉

    But where could it be…. Will you update us when you find it? I’m concerned about the welfare of the poor little lost notebook all alone in this world… Unless it’s having adventures…?

    1. I like your assumption that I will find it eventually – thanks for that vote of confidence! I am cracking open a new one tonight. But, alas, you never quite forget your last one, especially when it abandoned you before you were ready to let it go…

  3. This is beautiful. I can relate so much to the idea that my writing is my mind, my sanity, my peace. I have a little notebook in my purse, and I’m always writing scraps on scraps. I’ve been thinking lately about getting something a little larger, and making some sort of note for every day (probably because my memory is so awful lately). This poem inspires me in that direction. Thanks!

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