Ships in the Night

She would do

Make do

A shrug as you count and find

Slightly wanting.

Nearly there

Almost perfect

Rather very but sufficiently nice.

Vainglory flows from the cups we have shared.

Satiated and  plump, we each go our way.


We shape this damp shroud between us

We cast it pearls to rummaging snouts

We batter some life in things long left dead

We scratch our wounds raw.

After the party

We linger and drain once-intimate gestures

of meaning, magic and trust.

Empty cups, vain promises,

Hopes unsated, we  just miss.

16 thoughts on “Ships in the Night”

  1. We batter some life in things long left dead
    We scratch our wounds raw….ugh…raw emotions in this… and the ships departing in different directions speak a clear language as well…sad when this happens..

  2. nice…i like the descperation in that last bit…on how we try to make it work in the after but fail miserably…because still we miss….nice nod to pearls before swine as well…

  3. this made me think about missing someone who has changed, taken different directions…. wanting desperately for a relationship to work with someone who is on a unchangeable route (this is how i interpreted it anyway! apologies if i don’t geet it quite right!)…a real tough poem here…raw and emotional

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