Song Lyrics Poem

As a bit of a change from my usual rather intense and depressing poetry, I decided to have some fun today with song lyrics.  It works a bit like the book spine poetry which Breathing Space  or Bettina Forget  or DP Bowman do so well. Except that you choose song lyrics (rather than just titles) and, in my case, I stuck to David Bowie exclusively this time round.  Not quite as good when the music is missing, but I happen to think there is some great poetry in these songs too.  See if you can spot which songs they are from…

‘Can you hear me, Major Tom?’

‘Oh, no, not again!’

‘I thought you died alone, a long, long time ago…’

‘I never did good things, I never did bad things,

I never did anything out of the blue.’

‘Maybe we’re lying –

then you’d better not stay!’

This is ourselves under pressure:

the return of the Thin White Duke

throwing darts in lovers’ eyes…

It’s a godawful small affair to the girl with the mousy hair,

she’s lived it ten times or more.

And the planet is glowing…

Let the children use it,

let the children lose it

like some cat from Japan,

like a leper messiah

Up every evening, bout half-eight or nine.

She says:

‘Time may change me

But I can’t trace time,

So I will sit right down ,

waiting for the gift of sound and vision,

drifting into my solitude, over my head.’

11 thoughts on “Song Lyrics Poem”

  1. Your poetry isn’t depressing! I always love it – I don’t often comment because I’m not a poet and don’t think I can add anything, but I loved this, and I loved the David Bowie connection. Keep ’em coming, Marina x

  2. Ah-ha! What fun! I see elements of Space Oddity in there and many of my other favourites, how clever 🙂

    Like Joanne, I will protest that your poetry is not depressing – I always love it! Thank you for adding me to your blogroll – I don’t think I have one of those yet (!)

    Always a joy to see a post coming in from you Marina. x

  3. I also agree with Polly and Joanne–you’re poetry is not depressing, it’s thoughtful and beautiful. This here is actually very creative. Had never thought of doing something like this. I am not too familiar with David Bowie, but I get the idea and love it!

    1. You should try it with one of your favourite songwriters, or it works equally well with multiple artists. And I’m so glad you don’t find my poetry depressing! I’ll rain more upon your parade next week then…

      1. Haha! Great! I really like the Cranberries and Alannis Morrissette–I should try that. I am curious to see what I come up with if I blended their lines. I also like Paul Simon…this ought to be interesting!

  4. Missed this first time round, so glad you’ve reblogged… Agree many lyrics incredibly poetic – and great as a springboard for stories. Like the idea of blending…

    Adding my tenpennyworth too – I’ve never thought of your poetry as depressing!

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