And if all else fails…

I was passing through the charming town of Chambéry earlier today and I saw this shop front, so I had to share this with you.  This shop is for a Public/Official Writer.  The shop is called ‘The Ear and the Quill’ and we are assured that the shopowner is a certified Public Writer and a member of the Academy of Public Writers.  Sadly, the shop was closed on a Monday, so I could not go in and ask what precisely he or she writes, and for whom.

So, if all my writing and publishing efforts fail, nice to know there is still a career option available for me.  I just hope it doesn’t involve calligraphy (or too much French grammar)!

16 thoughts on “And if all else fails…”

  1. Oh, that’s neat. If you find out what he actually writes, come back and let us know. I’m curious. And I like options too. 🙂

    1. I’ve just searched the French websites for more information and it appears to be indeed writing services for those who do not know how to write. Nowadays, they are also well-qualified to help with administrative procedures, which are complicated and written in very quaint flowery language in France.
      So maybe not a career option for me after all, as I hate all this kind of stuff!

  2. At a nearby farmer’s market, there’s a stall where a man sits with a typewriter. For a small fee, he’ll write you a poem on demand. You give him a theme and off he goes. If I could do that, I would.

  3. I am amazed: I knew the profession existed of old, but had no idea it was still going… this links back to the scribes of the antiquity…

  4. a shop like they used to have for letter writers maybe? Hmmm! This sounds intriguing. If you don’t like what they do maybe you could one day do something similar but a different niche. I like the idea of it anyway!

    1. Yes, wouldn’t it be fun? As long as you could write interesting things, like a letter to a jilted lover, or an apology to a mother-in-law or a whistleblower’s letter…

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