And if all else fails…

I was passing through the charming town of Chambéry earlier today and I saw this shop front, so I had to share this with you.  This shop is for a Public/Official Writer.  The shop is called ‘The Ear and the Quill’ and we are assured that the shopowner is a certified Public Writer and a member of the Academy of Public Writers.  Sadly, the shop was closed on a Monday, so I could not go in and ask what precisely he or she writes, and for whom.

So, if all my writing and publishing efforts fail, nice to know there is still a career option available for me.  I just hope it doesn’t involve calligraphy (or too much French grammar)!

16 thoughts on “And if all else fails…”

  1. Marina Sofia – Oh, so this is how to get a book published! Now I understand! 😉

  2. Oh, that’s neat. If you find out what he actually writes, come back and let us know. I’m curious. And I like options too. 🙂

    1. I’ve just searched the French websites for more information and it appears to be indeed writing services for those who do not know how to write. Nowadays, they are also well-qualified to help with administrative procedures, which are complicated and written in very quaint flowery language in France.
      So maybe not a career option for me after all, as I hate all this kind of stuff!

  3. At a nearby farmer’s market, there’s a stall where a man sits with a typewriter. For a small fee, he’ll write you a poem on demand. You give him a theme and off he goes. If I could do that, I would.

  4. I am amazed: I knew the profession existed of old, but had no idea it was still going… this links back to the scribes of the antiquity…

  5. a shop like they used to have for letter writers maybe? Hmmm! This sounds intriguing. If you don’t like what they do maybe you could one day do something similar but a different niche. I like the idea of it anyway!

    1. Yes, wouldn’t it be fun? As long as you could write interesting things, like a letter to a jilted lover, or an apology to a mother-in-law or a whistleblower’s letter…

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