Gone fishing…

… for pesky adverbs, overemphatic descriptions and stilted dialogues, that is.  I am going away on holiday and will not have access to email, Twitter, Facebook or WordPress.  In short, none of the comforts and distractions of present-day life.  So I can dedicate myself whole-heartedly to the children, the beach and editing my first draft.

Or so I thought.  Then, slowly, slowly, other (professional) obligations started creeping up on me, including a few things that I had promised to do before the holidays but never got around to doing.  And some enjoyable tasks, such as reading my friend Cristian Mihai’s first novel Jazz, and then preparing to grill him in an interview.

So now it looks like I’ll be lucky to get any rest over the next few weeks…

However, you will get a rest.  From me.  And my very prolific (and no, I do not mean proficient) blogging.

Should you be suffering from withdrawal symptoms, however, here are a few that I made earlier:

1) Book review – the one that started it all

‘The Expats’ by Chris Pavone

2) Poetry – two of my personal favourites

Things I Have Lost

Then and Now

3) Flash fiction


4) Random musing and waffling

Developing the Creative Habit

The Angel and Edna (Part 1)

And if it’s popularity that you are after, this seems to be my most popular blog post of all time.

Thank you for bringing so much joy and understanding to my life, my dear readers. Have a wonderful holiday if you can and hear/read you all again in three weeks’ time!

Gone fishing in the sea…

11 thoughts on “Gone fishing…”

  1. Happy holidays, darling, and make sure to get some rest. Great idea on posting some of your highlights here, totally inspired. Me, I’m off on holiday later this week too… Not sure how I’ll fare in the absence of Twitter and such, I must be addicted, I’m already getting withdrawal symptoms and I haven’t even left. Hahaha! Take care and see you soon.xx

  2. Have great holiday fun, Marina. I look forward to catching up with your blog. I’m also on my way to the beach with a pile of books. Love, Q x

  3. Yes, of course, have a lovely time. And then come back and assuage this reader’s curiosity: Fishing in the sea? What sea? What boat? No boat?


    Be blessed,

  4. Hi Marina Sofia – you won the draw for the Laurence MacNaughton ebook! Head over to my blog and use the contact me page to let me know which format you’d like xxx

  5. Ah! Holiday!! Hope you have a delightful time! I have my own holiday coming up for one week starting Saturday. I’m hoping to find time to read some of the posts you highlighted here. Lovely picture.

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