The Road Taken

There were no great forks in the path in the woods:

just hundreds of small threads, tentative, half-explored,

where we did or did not venture.

So, tread by tread, we found ourselves

so far from where we wished to go, so lost alone and afeard,

that finding the way back seemed hopeless

yet forging ahead impossible.


Next life, when we embark on forest challenges,

we’d like well-worn routes, please, and clear signs at forks in the road,

stating loudly the consequences of chasing one path over the other

So that loss does not creep up on us,


yet deathly efficient.




14 thoughts on “The Road Taken”

  1. OK, I need to know. What happened in those woods? I’m thinking Blair Witch, I’m thinking Teddy Bear’s Picnic, I’m thinking Little Red Riding Hood…. Any hints?

  2. Marina Sofia – So true that life would be easier if there were clear direction. And yet, I think sometimes there is clear direction that we just don’t listen to because we don’t pay attention to our own internal signs. Beautiful poem that really expresses what it’s like to see too many options…

  3. heck.. a tight metaphor on life and the ways we choose to go and those we don’t … each choice has its own consequence…we win something and may lose something…

  4. if there are those paths to follow, they do make life easier than finding our own way and feeling lost…but too there is a lot of adventure to be had in forging our own way…its def not easy though….

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