Fiction Pick for August

The bad news is: I have done no editing whatsoever on my novel and very little new writing during the summer.  The good news is: I have read lots of books (despite my husband’s hogging of the Kindle, where I had many more stored). Which does mean a lot of reviews that I need to catch up on.  For the time being, here is a simple list of what I read this August, plus my top pick for the month, to be aggregated thanks to Mysteries in Paradise‘s efforts. Apologies, not all of my reads were crime fiction.

1. Simenon: Les nouvelles enquêtes de Maigret – for the Classics in September feature on Crime Fiction Lover website

2. David Foster Wallace: Infinite Jest – made it about halfway, not the best beach reading, more on that later

3. Alison Bruce: The Siren – second in the Cambridge crime series, loved the first book even more though

4. Cristian Mihai: Jazz – author interview coming up on my blog shortly

5. J.A. Schneider – Embryo – medical thriller

6. Ben Hatch: Are We Nearly There Yet? – pains and joys of travelling with children, but also a touching family history

7. Kate Hoyland: Ghosts of Geneva: Mary Shelley and the Animatron

8. David Dickinson: Mycroft Holmes and the Murder at the Diogenes Club – one-sitting read, between a short story and a novella

9. Anne Brontë: Agnes Grey – the only book I hadn’t read from that family

10. Leighton Gage: Blood of the Wicked – murder and corruption in Brazil

11. Emily Shaffer: That Time of the Month – light and frothy, sweet as pie

12. Kathleen McCaul: Grave Secrets in Goa

13. Chris Culver: The Abbey

14. Donato Carvisi: The Lost Girls of Rome (these last three are all going to get reviewed sooner rather than later, hopefully within a week or so – see what I mean about falling behind?)

And my top pick is Leighton Gage: Blood of the Wicked.  I am a Brazil fan anyway (should that be a Brazil nut?) and I found the background and local colour very well done, although profoundly unsettling.  I will definitely read more by this author.

16 thoughts on “Fiction Pick for August”

  1. I’ve read books two and three by Alison Bruce and really enjoyed them. I’m not sure I could read this many books in a month though!

  2. Marina Sofia – You really have been productive this month when it comes to reading! I admire that. I also like the variety of books you’ve read; you’ve read all sorts of novels.

  3. Those sound interesting. I’ll have to see if I can find them. I read fifteen books myself this summer. But now that school has started, I won’t have nearly as much time. Did you have a nice holiday?

    1. Bits of it were nice, bits of it frustrating. Bit like life, really, right? Good luck with finding some reading time now – I know I’ll be struggling too…

      1. Yes, I homeschool my kids so that takes precedence during the school year. It was wonderful this summer because I could read and write. I want to focus on the writing now so something has to go. 🙂 Won’t be reading nearly as quickly.

    1. She has done that rare feat of creating a memorable detective without resorting to all of the things which have become cliches by now (divorced, alcoholic, disenchanted etc. etc.)

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