They Keep Me Here

They keep me here,

those lips puckered up for good night kisses,

the tooth fairy duties,

odd chuckle in the night.


They keep me sane,

those questions about fairness, children who have

nothing, polar bears drowning,

how drains and bridges work.


They wash away anger

with silly puns and toilet jokes,

songs half-remembered,

the la-la shrieked out loud.


They ground me.

Clip my wings.

Imprison me with love.

Know not what they do.

Nor ever will.

I swear.

27 thoughts on “They Keep Me Here”

      1. Grass is always greener etc etc … I know you’ll have heard it umpteen times, but they’re small for such a short time, make the most of them xxx

  1. This is my absolute favourite of all your beautiful poems, Marina. And after a night comforting my four-year-old who was having bad dreams (and getting no sleep myself at all), it really touched me. Thank you for your perfect timing x

    1. Ah, bless! I know it’s hard sometimes to remember to count our children as blessings (or is that just me?). They weave thousands of little skeins of silken threads around your heart.

  2. Marina … you do write beautifully, but this poem, well it is special, very special! My girl always kept me grounded … otherwise I would have dissolved, long time ago I would have.
    Thank you,

  3. Marina Sofia – What a beautiful way to describe the effect that children have on us. And it’s so true, too!

  4. Love it, Marina. Absolutely beautiful…and true. And isn’t that the best of it? Simple words, juxtaposed to speak a truth your readers recognize? Thank you.

  5. … but they will know. When it’s their turn! My mum calls the whole mother-child relationship ‘an old debt long overdue.’ You repay your debt to your mum to the next generation, when you have kids of your own. And so it goes… Great post!

    1. You are so right, I had to laugh! I remember my mother’s ‘curse’ during my childhood was ‘May you have children with even more imagination than yours!’. And guess what?

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