Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…

Friday at last!

You know when you’ve had a week of muddiness, forgotten appointments, lost documents,  running to stand still, nothing ever quite working out first time…? And then one smile, one small gesture, one call from a friend can change everything?

Well, the lovely friend who worked this miracle turnaround in my mood is Sharon from World of Woosha, who has nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.  She writes wonderful poetry – and it’s not just me who says so, two of her poems have recently been selected for an anthology! Just ‘listen’ (that is the operative word) to this autumnal haiku:

Towering tree trunks

wrapped in twilight mist, capture

words from root to leaf

Doesn’t that make you want to read more?  Please go and visit her blog, if you don’t know her already, and say hello from me.

I know some people think blogging awards have a whiff of chain-letters and teenage conspiracy about them, but I have to admit I still get excited about them.  I love the opportunity they give me of discovering interesting new blogs.  After all, it’s a personal recommendation from another writer whose style and opinions I respect!

BUT does the world really need to know another random 7 facts about me? I think not.

So instead, I will nominate another seven bloggers whom I really look forward to reading and whom I think you might enjoy too.  As usual, they can choose (or not) to take up this award. In fact, they are so good I am sure that many of them have the award already, but if not, I hope they will now and I hope you like them.

The journey towards first-time publication: My Pen Name Only

A young poet, risk-taker, lover: KD DeFehr

Completely mad, completely addictive poetry that will sear you: Nicholas Gagnier

Honest, insightful blogging about the hard work of writing: Vikki from The View Outside

The epitome of thoughtful expat living in Japan: Mona McDiarmid

Funny, fierce, undaunted seeker of narrative truth: Workin’ With What I’ve Got

Haunting poetry that takes your soul prisoner: Claudia Schoenfeld

Thank you again, Woosha/Sharon, and a good end of the week to you all!

15 thoughts on “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder…”

  1. A well deserved award. Thank you for your kind words about my poetry. Have a great weekend too. Keep writing and inspiring! 😀

  2. Marina Sofia – Congratulations and well-done! Your blog and your writing are excellent and I’m glad they are getting recognition :-).

      1. Good news, actually. Just received confirmation from the ortho that it’s only an ankle sprain. Yesterday my doc thought she saw a fracture in the x-ray, but I’m good. Hobbling a bit, but good. Thanks for asking. : )

  3. Congratulations on your award! I think your poetry is lovely and though I may not comment every day, I do read and am inspired by what you write.

    1. Oh, who has time to comment every day? Especially when you are homeschooling too! I would probably not even have the energy to dribble (not as in football, but as in saliva) after a day like yours. Any visit of yours is hugely appreciated! And yours is a blog worth reading too – I should have added it to the list and pretended that I can’t count.

  4. Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for your kind words about my blog. I’m exploring poetry more (again) these days, so I hope to “visit” more often. I have been moved by the poems I’ve read here and look forward to visiting the sites you’ve suggested. Thank you again.

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