Political? Again!

We flush, wipe clean, repeat again.

Good worthy citizens, our voices boom with cheer.

Sweet righteousness,

Ensemble cast, assembled voices.

We order nicely yet succinct,

No extra words surge past our lips.

Incurious, you let drop wrong name.

But no apologies are necessary.

In an avalanche no single snowflake bears the burden

Of responsibility.

9 thoughts on “Political? Again!”

  1. Marina Sofia – A really thoughtful poem about the political process and voting! You capture so much in just a few lines…

    1. Interpretation is in the readers’ mind. Actually, I was thinking of all crowd behaviour and herd instinct, not just voting. But I guess you in the US are currently that way inclined…

    1. Democracies of every kind: I was also thinking of all the voting on TV shows, of crowd behaviour, of cultural obtuseness (unthinking imperialism if you like), rather than purely political…

    1. Sorry to disappoint you, but I can’t really take credit for the last two lines. A version of that is a Swiss proverb. Which inspired me to write the rest.

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