Dreaming of Bookshelves and Writing Desks



Where has all my text gone to?  I posted this yesterday with a little blurb about how I cannot resist a good bookshelf, wherever it might be in the house.  And how my husband keeps sighing and pointing out the progress of technology in the form of e-readers.  But this morning the text disappeared! Ah well, what use are words when the images speak for themselves?


Working lavishly:

http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/series/writersrooms – Marina Warner

In the in-between spaces:


But where do we get most of the reading done? In the bedroom!


23 thoughts on “Dreaming of Bookshelves and Writing Desks”

  1. I so loved that Guardian Writers Rooms series when it came out in the Saturday review, I used to ask my family in the UK to save the review section for me, someone ought to create a book with images and interviews of writers rooms, that’s a coffee table book I would read from cover to cover.

  2. Marina Sofia – These are gorgeous! I can see why they got you dreaming. My favourite is the fifth one. I love the window and the clean lines of the desk. And I can just see the edge of a bed there. I could move right into that room! I love the ‘staircase bookcase’ too.

    1. No, sorry, don’t be offended – I was thinking of myself. I am an awful procrastinator! And always waiting for those perfect writing conditions (which never come).

  3. love the bookshelf below the stairs. Talk about maximizing space! Wait till you see where my father built his book shelf – in his restroom!… and that;s among many other spaces in his house. 🙂 He’s really one smart bookworm!

  4. Lovely. Bookshelves are my most favourite furniture. If every wall was lined with books … I’d be in heaven. The fourth picture looked the most authentic to me … like the person who lives there really does read his or her books. 🙂

    1. Well spotted: that’s the study of Marina Warner, an English writer, rather than just a well-decorated room for a magazine. But I have to admit that in a perfect world I would want home library No. 6 – the chair looks so comfy and inviting, and if there’s a view of Mont Blanc outside as well… Mind you, I’d probably get nothing else done!

      1. Oh wow. Thanks for introducing me to another author. I shall have to try and read one of Marina Warner’s books. I already feel comfortable in her home. The view you speak of could have me mesmerized for hours too. I’ve been contemplating moving my office into the attic so that I can loose myself in the view of 30 km of Saxon hills that roll into the Czech Republic. Would I get a lot of work done? 🙂

  5. I love the bookcases in the space under the stairs – I’m now seriously considering ripping out the cupboard under my stairs (the hoover can go… oh… maybe not then…) 😉 Nice to ‘meet’ you (new follower). Bel

  6. Love the bookshelves around the bed. Funny, I was just thinking of doing that (bookshelves around our bed) over the weekend. Technology is a pain, sometimes. Frustrating when we lose what we write to the whims of the microchip.

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