Thinking, writing, thinking about writing…

Finding Myself

Who enters the day with tongue too curious?

What enters the mind in bewilderment’s sway?

Head-first the plunge

into waters unplumbed:

do I know myself? No more!

No more

I say.

Thin peel by thin

I unwrap the onion

of my soul too shivery

of a layer too deep.

I choose to believe

I will it to be

the rawness

making me cry.

And what would you say,

what would you whisper,

what would you shout

if you could?

If you woke each day in love

without fear

in a cocoon some call home.


Not sure I am doing this properly, but I am trying to link this to the OpenLinkNight at virtual pub dVersePoets, a rather amazing website and initiative which enables me to read poems by some of the most interesting voices that the online world has to offer.


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24 thoughts on “Finding Myself

  1. Thank you again for the touch of you through words.

    • Ah, thank you! Looking forward to your book, Normandie – are you in the final editing phases now?

      • Wouldn’t it be great if that were the case! I’ve two books in the hands of editors, and they’re neck and neck to the finish line–which, it appears, won’t happen until late spring. Now I know how Wayside’s authors feel. Sigh.

  2. How extraordinary … I’m writing a piece on bewilderment (!) I love this, Marina, especially the reference to the ubiquitous onion.

  3. Marina Sofia – Oh, you’ve so elegantly evoked the journey of self-discovery. This is just wonderful!

  4. welcome at dVerse marina sofia…and a multi-layered poem you brought to the table..i sometimes find it interesting and surprising what we find under those layers of our soul sometimes…good to peel them away carefully and always have a pen ready to write…smiles

  5. dang…so good…the knowing not of yourself…and pealing the onion…the cocoon of home in the end is really the highpoint of the piece for me…like it much….welcome to dverse….smiles.

  6. Lovely write.

  7. Very moving, very Rumi-esque. Thank you.

  8. I read it so many times and hit a fresh layer of the onion each time -it seared my heart!

  9. Oh this is so brilliant, Marina! You took the metaphor deep. Loved it.

  10. Who enters the day with tongue too curious?

    What enters the mind in bewilderment’s sway?

    Head-first the plunge

    into waters unplumbed:

    Intriguing, unusual lines/images that pulled me into the rest of the poem.

    • Thank you, Terri. And then it occured to me that ‘Who enters the day with tongue too curious’ could also refer to my very talkative younger son, who likes to start the day at about 6 a.m.

  11. A cocoon called home resonated – I always think of “safe as houses” when I think o how much our lives are filled with “home” – safe, protected, yet nonetheless vulnerable, intimate, unique as each one who fills that space, changed when one sheds that cocoon and flies away. Lovely exploration.

    • ‘Safe as houses’ – interesting thought, that, when these days (just these days, or throughout history?) houses are so easily lost to debt, floods, radiation contamination.
      Thank you for coming over here to read my poem and for your comment!

  12. “unwrap the onion of my soul” – SO good!

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