All I Want for Christmas…

… is peace of mind and a bit of rest, if I am honest.

If that is an unlikely proposal, then here are some alternatives that this writer (and maybe other writers you know) would appreciate.

  1. Adopt a book at the British Library and help fund the conservation of rare and precious books.
  2. One year’s membership of the Poetry Society in the UK or its US twin
  3. Mslexia’s fabulous Writers’ Diary for 2013 – or even an annual subscription to Mslexia
  4. For writers who are also Formula One fans, this beautiful Ferrari pen in red – although, to be honest, for writing smoothness, I prefer the simple gel pens you can get 3 to a pack at supermarkets. (I personally have supported McLaren since I was knee-high, but their pens are just not as cool.)
  5. Sample of notebooks

    Notebooks.  One can never have enough of those.  My current favourites are the incredibly smooth, practical, yet luxurious Rhodia orange-and-blacks.

And, since I don’t expect my family to come across this wish-list on my blog, I have to admit that I have gifted myself a couple of the above for Christmas already…

What have you got your writerly eye on this Christmas?  Other than books, obviously, which make the best presents of all!  Oh, and by the way, I have not been paid to advertise any of the above products or websites.

17 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas…”

  1. I sincerely hope you have gifted yourself a Mslexia subscription, one of the best writerly investments I have ever made. I love the diary too, so much information, all very inspirational.

    An Aunt has offered me a Granta subscription which I am looking forward to, and hopefully will have time to read 🙂

    Consecutive days without any appointments is what I’m looking forward to, total rest and hanging out in the kitchen instead of driving from one rdv to the next.

    I love the Muji notebooks, spiral bound medium size, easy to transport, simple design, inspiring!

    I hope Santa is listening!

    1. I used to subscribe to a lot of writing magazines, but never had enough time to read them properly, so I know what you mean. I now try to pace myself with just one or two, or else read them from others.

  2. I have pens on my list too– fine tipped, black or blue, come in a six pack but I keep losing them (or my kids steal them). Nothing else that’s writerly on my list, but I’m writing my own post about what I want, and I’ll link to you. Happy holidays, Marina!

  3. some neat ideas… i love beautiful pens and notebooks, esp. with art prints on them…though i have to confess that i write most of my poetry on my iphone and computer…that’s it with that modern age…at least i have a note app that looks neat and has a nice flower pattern…smiles

    1. Writing on an iphone? Wow! I can see how it makes sense and fills in those odd moments when you are waiting, queuing etc. I use a mix of notebooks and laptop, but having now lost both at various points this year, I am getting a bit wary…

    1. Isn’t the idea of feeling a special connection to a rare copy of a book wonderful? But you are right: rest is that most elusive and previous of gifts. Not much chance of that, I suspect, in my case…

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