My Blogging Anniversary

anniversary-1xWordPress wished me Happy Birthday today.  Yes, it’s been exactly one year since I created this blog, although (ironically, given its title) I did not find time to post anything until the 7th of February, 2012.

I was not new to blogging.  I had been writing a blog on my professional website for 2-3 years.  But it was professional, neutral, business-like… bar an occasional foray into the vicissitudes of expat life.  It was a blog I was very keen to promote and market, as it was a way to let prospective clients know what I was doing.

This writing blog was something I was very reluctant to share with anybody else.  I started it mainly as a personal challenge.  A means of holding myself accountable for giving pride of place to the thing that means so much to me in my life. Namely, writing.  That thing which I have, nevertheless, always placed last in my list of priorities.  Perhaps because I love it so much (even when it is painful and difficult), that it feels like sheer self-indulgence to be dedicating so much time to it.  How could I possibly be selfish enough to write, when there are so many other claims on my time: money-making, laundry, children, husband, parents, friends, acquaintances, schools, society, the wider world?

Antarctica So this blog was my little stake of selfishness that I drove into the permafrost of obligation and strict scheduling that my life had become.  And I have been selfish in the way I present this blog: whatever comes into my mind, with no rhyme or reason, posting whenever I can and feel like it, following no rules.

Anything else – being read, receiving comments, making friends – has been a surprising and wonderful bonus.

For those who like facts and figures, here are some of the stats which delighted or dismayed me this past year:

  • I have had 10,500 views over the past year.  Many, many more than I ever expected.
  • I have received 1,477 comments (well, OK, probably most of them are mine, replying to your comments) – but it is humbling to find that people take the time not only to read and ‘like’ something, but also to provide such insightful andor supportive comments.
  • I have had visitors from 106 countries – so exciting for a global nomad such as myself! – with the most visitors from the US, then UK, France, Canada, Greece and Germany.
  • My most popular post was certainly not what I expected – the rather snarky, opinionated post entitled Most Overrated Books.  Meanwhile, my poor little anti-Valentine’s Day poem only got one view.  So, should I understand that my readers are hard-nosed realists and critics, with a hidden romantic tremor?

But what these statistics do not show is my gratitude to all of you, who have given me such a wonderful sense of community, who have put up with far too frequent postings followed by long periods of silence, who have stayed with me despite a lack of consistent theme.  It’s been a wonderful first year of blogging, and thank you for making it just that!




24 thoughts on “My Blogging Anniversary”

  1. Happy Blogiversary, Marina! I love the ‘permafrost of obligation,’ btw, what a powerful image. LOL! I’ve greatly enjoyed following your blog and wish you every success with your blog, your writing and publishing your book. You can do it! Rock on.xx

    1. Thank you – and you should know, my dear, how wonderful it has been to reconnect with you, and to follow similar paths and thought processes. You give me joy and hope every time I read your blog and books!

      1. *blush* That’s too much praise. I’ll vanish in a cloud of smoke in a minute. But likewise, it’s been fantastic to be in touch with you again after all this time… Hooray!

  2. Happy Blogiversary, wonderful Marina! Boy, do I understand how writing can fall into that forgotten glimmer on our life priority lists. I think that is the best thing about writing a blog – you’ve gotta push writing up the list.

    I think your blog is magnificent…forever oozing with emotion, intelligence, and beautiful honesty.

    P.S. I love the mulit-language thank you image at the end!

  3. Marina Sofia – Congratulations! Your blog is a wonderful addition to the blogosphere, and I always feel inspired when I visit. Keep blogging! Please! Oh, and as someone with a background in linguistics, I just love those various ‘thank you’s.’

    1. I should perhaps have mentioned that you are my best commentator – and that I always learn something from you. I think I want to become like you when I grow up (or when my blog grows up a little, it’s still in that coltish stage now…).

  4. Congratulations! I have very much appreciated reading what you have had to say and the encouragement you have given me with my own blog. Your imagery is like my own, and sometimes, I feel I need to fight for every piece of time I get to write. But, it is very much worth it, and I’m looking forward to reading what you have to say in this next year. Keep blogging!

    1. I couldn’t agree more: it’s the journey, more than the destination, that I enjoy. As the poet Cavafy said about Ithaka: ‘As you set out for [writing], hope your road is a long one, full of adventure, full of discovery… [Writing] gave you the marvellous journey.’

  5. People (especially women, I find) say that word “selfish” like it’s always a bad thing. But it’s not always, especially in your blog’s case. Happy BBday to you! Here’s to productive, sane, creative selfishness!

    1. Very true – you’ve hit the nail on the head (as you so often do!) But, although I know this lesson with my head, I still need to learn it with my heart.

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