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Then and Now

I’m afraid I am reblogging myself instead of creating a new poem. Yes, to such grim depths have I sunk – with three fussy patients in the house fighting the flu.  Still, it expresses so much of what I feel about writing now.  And how that has changed in the last year or so since I got serious about writing again.

Well, as serious as you can get whilst making tea, milk with honey, chicken soup, hugging feverish youngsters and so on.

Submitted for Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub, the friendliest place to meet and greet poets.

Then and Now.


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4 thoughts on “Then and Now

  1. Marina Sofia – I am so sorry to hear you’ve got a sick family :-(. I hope everyone feels better soon. And your poem is elegant, so I am glad you’ve re-shared it.

  2. We could almost be friends–almost. Nicely written, great capture of the love-hate relationship.

  3. Hope everyone gets better soon!

  4. nice..i like looking at words like an ally…they sure are to me as well…and hope your three flu patients feel better soon

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