16 thoughts on “Frivolous and Silent Sunday”

  1. Marina Sofia – Those are just joyful to look at – no wonder you love them. Thanks for sharing. I hope you haven’t caught the family’s ‘flu. If you have, rest and take care of yourself and feel better soon!

    1. Yes, I’m afraid we share everything in this family… Was also hit by excruciating back ache yesterday. Still, it’s a good excuse to lie on the sofa with a hot-water bottle and read all day.

  2. I’ve recently discovered Semikolon and am absolutely addicted to everything they have to offer- notebooks, boxes, magazine holders, etc.

    There’s something magical and inspiring when you open a brand new notebook that is a calming blue or a joyful yellow. Perhaps a cheeky orange is what the doctor ordered…

    Speaking of doctors, I hope you feel better soon and get plenty of rest.

    1. Oh, my goodness, how could I not have known about Semikolon – they have gorgeous stuff! I am tempted to order just about everything on their website. Now, control yourself, Marina, it’s just the fever talking!

  3. What a gorgeous rainbow for my gloomy winter inbox! Notebooks as pretty as these make my fingers itch to write, to sketch, to chase a dream …
    Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

    1. Thank you, yes, a little bit, although not quite up to speed yet. Maybe that’s the secret to productivity – lock us up in a stationery shop, with no Internet or other distractions.

  4. I love those notebooks! I love most notebooks, but the cheerful colors of these just beg to be written in. It’s also important to me to have the right pen; I like fountain pens the best, but often the insubstantial paper of today cannot sustain such a luxury. Even Moleskines tend to bleed through.

    1. Interesting point – I automatically blamed the pens and have been searching for the perfect pen ever since. But you may be right, that the paper is not of good enough quality. Thanks for visiting my blog! I love the scope and variety of your reading.

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