Through Zoe’s Eyes

Carnival Mask

In Zoe’s eyes the birds don’t sing,

waters run too shallow.

If she could sleep those worries away for a

Blink-length in time…

In Zoe’s hands winds drop bland,

little scabs tremble with the memory.

She fears no strangers but each

is an intruder

she will not talk to.

She fills in gaps with words apt and inept.

Oilcloth strips she stuffs in crack,

when cracks are all she sees and walks on.

Answers rehearsed, eyes dart to the left,

A clue we have seen before and again.

Zoe’s skin bears the weight of all scars

Her own and the world’s.

When you lookCarnival through Zoe’s eyes

Your world temperature turns down a notch.


Linked to dVerse Poets Pub: Poetic Expressions.   This week it was all about Dominant Impressions in Artistic Expression.  For me, Venetian carnival masks are all about sadness rather than gaiety.


18 thoughts on “Through Zoe’s Eyes”

  1. In Zoe’s eyes the birds don’t sing…you already had me in the mood with this first line…i also think many of the carnival masks have that sad feeling about them…carnival over here just over and hope the spring comes now…smiles

    1. We went to see the Venetian carnival masks in Annecy and, despite the lovely festive atmosphere and fun and prizes being given for best costume etc. there is always something unsettling about hiding your identity and being silent, isn’t there? As it should be: Carnival is all about turning social norms on their head!

  2. interesting on how the masks we wear can color our world you know….masks are fascinating, but i agree…between the mystery there is a bit of sadness….they always make me wonder just what is being hidden…

  3. …very intriguing & mystic… i wonder how hard it is to be in Zoe’s disposition… you really set quite a moody image here… really interesting share… smiles…

    1. Quite a lot of crime novels have carnival and masks somewhere in their story line – it’s the perfect occasion to hide, be anonymous and destroy the natural order of things, isn’t it?

  4. We go through life wearing masks all the time – usually to hide the pain behind our eyes, sometimes from fear that if people really knew what we are like, then they wouldn’t like us. You hooked me with the darkness of the first line – and never let me go.

  5. Aha! “Zoe’s skin bears the weight of all scars

    Her own and the world’s”
    So, is this why you think masks are so sad? Actually I have thought they are sad too. This line, at least, made ME sad.

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