Enough of February (Haiku)

Spit out weak coffee.

Collars up we venture out

into toothache cold.


Over at dVerse Poets Pub, our resident Hobgoblin urges us to be as succinct as possible and write a really brief poem. This is how I feel after an endless winter. But do go and see the far finer efforts of the excellent poets there.

41 thoughts on “Enough of February (Haiku)”

  1. haha, weak coffee, I have this discussion with my dad all the time, I like the milder stuff, while he likes the dark roasts. Toothache cold, nice choice to close the haiku with. Thanks

  2. Oh, Marina Sofia, you’ve captured the essence of February in the Northern Hemisphere! It’s a good thing it’s the shortest month of the year…

  3. ah…weak coffee is nothing for me as well..and weak coffee and toothache cold is a challenging combo for a start into the day as well…

  4. Oh wow, your last line gave me a chill. Reminded me of a time I accidentally bit into an ice cube and it caused this horrible chill and pain. I don’t drink coffee but I still appreciate the first line – that’s what I do when I taste even a hint of the coffee flavor. The second line is strong – brave – courageous

    1. Actually, no! But I’m living in the French mountains now. Don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but… To think people pay to come here for the skiing, while I am getting bored of being buried in feet of snow!

    1. Absolutely! At least I have escaped the ‘joys’ of winter in the city. I live in a rural area now. Which means long periods of unspoilt snow and ice. Pretty. But, boy, does it stick around forever!

  5. i like that it’s all from the neck up: coffee and toothache; collar on coat….it’s as if there was no associated body

    1. That’s a really interesting remark: it hadn’t occurred to me, but it’s true. In winter I feel like my body goes into hibernation and it’s only from the neck up that I function, albeit somewhat dysfunctionally.

  6. Toothache cold – I can feel it.

    Strong dark coffee a must before venturing into its pain.

    An excellent from me too.

    Anna :o]

  7. You write with such vivid detail! Each line, each word was weighty and evocative. You really packed every bit of meaning you could into each syllable. I loved it all, but ‘toothache cold’ was probably my favorite bit.

  8. Wow, those were awesome images that fit together like pee in the snow! 😉

    Seriously, I loved this haiku.
    I agree with you about Japanese & life (in your fine comment).
    To see a bit more about my view of Japanese, check out this link, but it is more about opening our eyes.

    1. In a previous lifetime I studied Japanese – and have now forgotten most of it. The language, but not the world it opened up inside my head and heart.

  9. Whooops, I see you have already commented on that post — and like my last poem — you were spot on! Thanx for visiting. Stick with warm coffee!

  10. February isn’t the best month of the year I have to agree. It is home to Valentines Day, which I have expressed my dislike of many times and by God here in Britain it was bitterly cold and we even got some very irritating snow!

    Nice poem, I enjoyed it a lot.

    1. Thank you for dropping by – and no, I don’t like Valentine’s Day either. We’ve now had snow every week since November and (although I do love winter sports), I’m getting fed up with it now.

  11. My sentiments exactly, but here in Minnesota I substitute “March” for “February.”
    Going to get 6-10 inches of snow today and tomorrow. 😦

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