If Only

Unusually for me, a poem that rhymes, for the Open Link Night at dVerse Poets PubEven more unusually, this is composed on the road, in a hotel room, while travelling on business. Finding words for poetry when you are in business mode is like digging for truffles with an ancient, half-blind pig with a severe head-cold.


If you gather heather daily,

pluck one out for me.

Lay it softly on my dreamscape,

let its scent swoop me free.


If you walk the coastal pathway,

battle on its up,

harness west wind, chill the longing,

whirl the storms in a cup.


If you stop too soon, too often,

doubts creep in, seduce.

So race pulses, flash the radars,

cut down, cut out, reduce.

20 thoughts on “If Only”

  1. I like the Victorian feel of this poem. So often, at readings, etc., I hear slam verse. So this feels fresh.

    1. That’s because I wouldn’t know slam verse if it hit me (pardon the pun!). I am embarassed to admit just how unfamiliar I am with the more modern poetry forms.

  2. smiles….really like that opening stanza….the scenting of your own life in asking them to pluck some for you…also, whirl the storms in a cup….is a very cool thought

  3. I love the idea, of savouring something with another not present in mind. We all do that don’t we? Beautiful.

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I always find a joyous landscape, scent, memory is so much nicer when you have someone to share it with. And yet, when I am together with someone, I find I often miss the essence.

  4. i like the heather part esp. with the scent tickling my nose now…i love writing while on the road, in planes, airports, hotel lobbies…enjoy your business trip..smiles

  5. I like the first verse especially – I agree, this has a (late?) Victorian, romantic and contemplative feel to it, though a very modern ending.

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