Home Burrowing Time

After a few weeks of business travel and hard work, it is time to burrow and enjoy some home comforts.

But because other people’s houses are so much more spectacular than mine, here are some homes that make me dream…

The Beach House for Those Who Don’t Want to Go to the Gym


The ‘Can’t Believe It’s Not Public’ Home Library

Oresman Library
Oresman Library

The ‘Bet I Could Create in that Environment’ Mountain Cabin

Mountain Concepts Files
Mountain Concepts Files

But a modest microhut will do just as well…


And on that dreamy note, I’m off for a week of holiday to reconnect with my family somewhere far away from the Internet. Have fun, be good, and look forward to seeing you again in a week’s time!

7 thoughts on “Home Burrowing Time”

  1. Marina Sofia – Have a wonderful and relaxing week! And I want to live in that library!!!!!

  2. Have a glorious time with family. Thanks for the dreamable pics–love the cliff hanger, but I can’t imagine climbing those stairs. I’d be stuck at the bottom, looking up and wailing for someone to send down the elevator!

  3. I am fond of the microhut. My husband and I will build one some day. There was some old country song that said, “Love grows best in little houses, with few walls to separate.” I think there’s some truth in that!

  4. I love the beach house but would worry about it falling over the cliff. So the micro hut might be more my cup of tea.
    I found you via Joanne Phillips… thanks for your kind comments on her blog!

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