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Dawn Chorus

I was up early today and opened my window to the most amazing, glorious sound.  And of course tree blossoms of any kind always, always remind me of Japan, hence the variations on the haiku format below.


Curlicued dawn calls.

My heart fills: joyful chorus

of effort not mine.


Only in our dreams

Do birds contemplate:

Singing, breathing become one.


Oh, to fly into summer

on the wings of mellow tunes,

nestle in pink buds!


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3 thoughts on “Dawn Chorus

  1. Oh, these are beautiful, Marina Sofia. It must have been such a lovely sight and musical performance. You evoke it all quite effectively.

  2. Gorgeous, I love the word ‘curlicued’ and ‘Curlicued dawn calls’ is a fab first line :)

  3. Lovely :) I could see this etched on a scroll or something, as home decor

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