Effortless Despair

Effortlessly limber she entered

His room, his mind, and the rest

She appropriated, triaged, rejected

With cool gherkin competence.

Neglected to fashion belief in his eyes –

Best leave him to wonder and finally mourn.

She entered, effortlessly limber,

And impoverished us all.


Finally I make it in time for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub – one of the friendliest and most talented community of poets I have seen online.  Or in person.

30 thoughts on “Effortless Despair”

  1. Marina Sofia – What a powerful way to explore the way a person can capture someone’s soul. I’ve met people like that…

  2. oh heck…that’s so sad…i’ve met people like her as well…they enter the life of someone like a whirlwind and leave big destruction….ugh

    1. Anyone or anything that we allow to take over so utterly and completely… Thanks for visiting, Claudia, I don’t know how you manage to read everybody’s poetry! And comment.

  3. A small poem packed with a whollop..and that gherkin…! People like that scare the heck out of me…watching them, uncaring, quickly conquering and tossing people away like unwanted toys. Good write!

  4. apart from a true sense of original brilliance and some memorable lines that make me shiver I am frightened by your words because I fear loss and the loss of such a ‘character’ as I imagine ‘her’ could/would be too much for me to take: honestly, I don’t think I know her but I want to, yet if she were to become ‘absent’. I might die. such a strong set: almost intoxicating. in fact. intoxicating. I must withdraw already and I haven’t even become addicted. Or have I? . . . probably! 🙂

  5. Gherkin….. Is that a reference to a pickle in the middle of this devastating seduction? LOL! You know, I was thinking about a pickle right about then too, amazing the coincidence! Fun, fun poem!

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