Effortless Despair

Effortlessly limber she entered

His room, his mind, and the rest

She appropriated, triaged, rejected

With cool gherkin competence.

Neglected to fashion belief in his eyes –

Best leave him to wonder and finally mourn.

She entered, effortlessly limber,

And impoverished us all.


Finally I make it in time for Open Link Night over at dVerse Poets Pub – one of the friendliest and most talented community of poets I have seen online.  Or in person.

30 thoughts on “Effortless Despair”

  1. Marina Sofia – What a powerful way to explore the way a person can capture someone’s soul. I’ve met people like that…

  2. wow…excellent close…love that you start and end with her entrance…like the use of gherkin in the middle as well..ha…effective write…

  3. oh heck…that’s so sad…i’ve met people like her as well…they enter the life of someone like a whirlwind and leave big destruction….ugh

    1. Anyone or anything that we allow to take over so utterly and completely… Thanks for visiting, Claudia, I don’t know how you manage to read everybody’s poetry! And comment.

  4. I love it! Really, really great! I like how you went back to the beginning at the end.

  5. A small poem packed with a whollop..and that gherkin…! People like that scare the heck out of me…watching them, uncaring, quickly conquering and tossing people away like unwanted toys. Good write!

  6. apart from a true sense of original brilliance and some memorable lines that make me shiver I am frightened by your words because I fear loss and the loss of such a ‘character’ as I imagine ‘her’ could/would be too much for me to take: honestly, I don’t think I know her but I want to, yet if she were to become ‘absent’. I might die. such a strong set: almost intoxicating. in fact. intoxicating. I must withdraw already and I haven’t even become addicted. Or have I? . . . probably! 🙂

  7. Gherkin….. Is that a reference to a pickle in the middle of this devastating seduction? LOL! You know, I was thinking about a pickle right about then too, amazing the coincidence! Fun, fun poem!

  8. “His room, his mind, and the rest” In a tight, spare way this says so much. Also love the last line. Well done!

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