I’ve Fallen in Love…

… with a pen.

Just look at you – you are  the stuff that dreams are made of! Svelte, classy, not easily intimidated…



You are photogenic from all angles.  I’ve examined you in close-up and hereby pronounce you irresistible.



So what if I barely use fountain pens anymore? I do prefer their smoothness, but usually end up with inky fingers.  I’m sure that you’ll  never let me down like that.  Once I am in your thrall, I might even consider abandoning my laptop for you.

Just imagine the masterpieces we could write together.  The royalties and contracts we could sign, covered in smiles.  The Nobel Prize acceptance speech we could produce five minutes before we have to give it.  You would be my secret weapon, my talisman, my precious.

And maybe you could also be a reminder that if I don’t start behaving like a writer, I do not deserve to have friends like you in my life.


No, my sweet, our time has not yet come!  But I promise you, when I publish my first book, whether it does well or not, whether anyone likes it or not, I shall find you and buy you and we shall live together in eternal bliss.

N.B. No pens, real or fictional, were harmed in the writing of this post.  Nor have I been paid by a certain luxury producer of writing instruments to advertise their products. This love is genuine, incorruptible… and, much like my novel, forever postponed.

15 thoughts on “I’ve Fallen in Love…”

  1. Marina Sofia – What a lovely ode to a beautiful pen. Honestly, I’m with you on the real appeal of good writing instruments. There is something about them and you’ve captured it beautifully. And it’s good to hear that your blog was safe and humane in its treatment of pens… 😉

    1. I was just laughing at myself today when my mother reminded me that at the age of 8 I declared that I would win the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature – because it was high time someone from my country won it! Hence the rather overblown reference in the middle of that passage.

  2. Marina, you are so wonderful! I have to confess, I can’t quite follow ~ but then I abhor writing by hand these days, and I have a ‘thing’ for rock stars that is probably quite weird from where you’re sitting. Each to their own, right? But thank you for sharing such a beautiful post, I really enjoyed reading it and getting a sense for your latest dream…. X

    1. All is forgiven, Nicky, if you will forgive me. After all, we all have our lapses in judgement, right? (I can understand the rock star thing too – at the age of 8 I was also planning to marry David Bowie, whilst penning my Nobel Prize acceptance speech, no doubt!)

    1. The paper quality of the Rhodia notebooks is just gorgeous – they are my absolute favourites, even if they are not all that glamorous or exciting on the outside!

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