22 thoughts on “Something in the Water”

  1. oy..that gave me shivers a bit…the parallel worlds… somehow sounds like you can see and hear the other from your own world but they don’t really touch.. cool images…maybe the chill is in the title which is excellent.. hints to something hidden…way cool

  2. lots of mystery to this piece…something otherworldly…or another thought is a rather sad one…the desire to never being alone can lead to some pretty dark places…

  3. I understood this to mean that even if she may be alone in real life she can have love in her dreams. “Dreamland” can indeed be a parallel life and very real sometimes. I didn’t find this eerie…perhaps even a bit comforting for the person. Dreams sometimes CAN fulfill (momentarily) what is missing in life.

  4. She’s not alone – she has her dreams. This is a great piece .. .think there are a lot of layers; I’d have to read it over and over to delve into it 🙂 I like poetry like that 🙂

  5. Normally I don’t construct narratives where there aren’t any, but when I ask why she’s alone, then look at the title, I see someone sleeping curled up in a small boat. Sorry if that’s silly…

    1. Aw, thank you, I do like to not be too explicit and leave the readers to do the work! And I love your poetry, because it makes me think and work hard…

  6. Your right , we are never alone, particularly writers and poets ! ….though sometimes we are lonely

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