Summer Idyll

Copyright: M. Thomson,
Copyright: M. Thomson,

Summer at last and the heat is going to our heads over at dVerse Poets Pub.  Here is a remembrance of things past and a vision of things future.

Our summers no longer the buzz-filled lolling

in hay mounds

or stooping for details

and blow-squeak through grass stalks.

No more lifting our gaze for cloud-naming, tongue-hopping,

when laid-back wonders were open to all

and the neighbours’ cherries the sweetest by far.


Now lazy means each one tucked snug on our planet

in a bubble of tablets and phones,

convinced we’re connecting

enthralled to go global

we feel the roar and hum of the entire world in our palms.


While bees expire by installments around us…

14 thoughts on “Summer Idyll”

  1. So good to hear the rationale and perspective; more apparent than ever our need to feel connected….and news travels fast…all (good and ugly) in the palm of our hands it literally true…

  2. convinced we’re connecting..kinda scary our dependence on tech…its a double edged sword…without it i would not know so many around th world…the key is balance…getting out and hanging in that cherry tree…that is a treat for me…smiles.

  3. ugh….sometimes i wish back the smart-phone and computerless times when we were just offline and enjoyed the moment and the tactile things of life… it sometimes frightens me a bit to see where this leads..

  4. Yes, so true some youngsters are so tied to their devices they can no longer communicate in conversation. We all should take time to smell the roses 🙂

  5. heartwrenching. reading that first stanza, i want to be there. reading the second, i want to go back to the first. beautifully written- stirs a sad longing… maybe one day, we will all go back to the first stanza. here’s hoping…

  6. Such an eloquent mourning of the lost innocence, if that’s what you want to call it, of summer. It’s so hard to just live in the moment anymore…

  7. I have just spent an afternoon gazing at clouds.. clear evidence that I live nostalgia. I like what you’ve done here and think it’s a great question to ask. here I am online, doing both 🙂

  8. Yes, yes! Electronic connection is actually disconnection- from social activity, from nature, from everything that truly means something. And thank you for bringing up the bees’ plight. CCD is one of the planet’s biggest problems and few people know it. -Mike

  9. Oh dear! You convey so well the nostalgic past … and the sad present.

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