Time to Read What I’ve Got

Today I was  late returning books to one of the multiple libraries in our area.  Yes, late again and once more (this never used to happen to me pre-children, I assure you!).  After apologising profusely and being excused my fine (French librarians are kind like that), I eyed the shelves greedily for my next ‘fix’.  Reading is a heavy addiction, and I did find something new to try out and experiment.

When I got home, though, I began to wonder why I borrow more and more books from the library, which I never have a hope in heaven, earth and hell to finish on time (especially when it’s in French)… when I have a pile of books at home, on my shelves and on my Kindle, patiently waiting to be noticed.

When I started counting them, I was shocked.  What have I been up to?  While I’ve been busy receiving books for review from publishers (I’m not counting those at all for now), I’ve also been steadily adding to my To Be Read list. Eight paperbacks, six on my tablet, 14 on my husband’s Kindle and one on my laptop.  That’s 29 books in all – enough to see me through till the end of the year, pretty much.  And I’m not even looking at the massive tomes of Maigret and Proust, which fall officially into the ‘would like to reread’ bucket.

Right, that’s me sorted for the next year or so.  Pray excuse me, while I see a man about a new pair of glasses…  and a better reading light… mutter… mutter…

And, just to be contrary, here are some inspirational libraries, both public and private, just for the joy of it.  Not that I plan visiting any of them any time soon. Promise! 

University of Aberdeen Library, Photo credit: Gordon M. Robertson
University of Aberdeen Library, Photo credit: Gordon M. Robertson
Chateau de Groussay. Bookmania.me
Chateau de Groussay. Bookmania.me
Peabody Library, Baltimore. Funonthenet.in
Peabody Library, Baltimore. Funonthenet.in
Wirtschaftsuni, Wien. Photo credit: Paulo Budroni.
Wirtschaftsuni, Wien. Photo credit: Paulo Budroni.

Not sure what is going to happen with this wonderful building, as the Business University of Vienna has just moved to a new campus over the summer.

7 thoughts on “Time to Read What I’ve Got”

  1. Marina, you and I are very similar. I have several books in my To Be Read pile too, and I keep going to the book store. There’s just so many books out there I want to read. Love the pictures!

  2. Marina Sofia – I know exactly and precisely how you feel about libraries. I’m the same way. There’s just something about them isn’t there? And I don’t even want to think about how many unread books I have…

  3. Ah, the life of a bibliophile, but please don’t deprive yourself the pleasure of visiting a library. I still go to the library, despite the many, many books not yet read, but I limit myself to how many books I take, most often to 1 or 2, but I let the kids take the 6 they are entitled to.

    If you are Susan Hill and you’re going to write a book about reading from your own shelves for a year then go for it, but to do it for any other reason, makes me think of that other place in the home that many of us could probably do the same thing but don’t, the pantry! Sometimes I think I should not go shopping until I’ve cleared all those shelves as well! 🙂

    1. How did you guess that the pantry is next on my list? And I really must defrost that freezer… No, I don’t think there is any danger of my not going to libraries and finding new treasures, but when you live in rented accommodation, you also want to make the best use of your shelf space! So reading, keeping or weeding are necessary activities.

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