Surprised by Languor

P1010374Her blood is tar treacle.

The pump runs on mute,

Enchurned in inner workings,

Warped in glossy yearnings.


‘Where does the sweet butterfly of summer alight?

Who will be touched by gossamer twinkle?

When will it be my turn?’


The moment  was passed.

By far, so long ago.

By blindness, eyes firmly planted


Periphery be damned!

9 thoughts on “Surprised by Languor”

  1. And that’s just it, Marina Sofia! You’ve captured so well how we focus so much that it ends up slowing us down.

    1. Life with blinkers, never allowing that peripheral vision to develop. Although in my case, sometimes it’s all periphery and no core… Thanks for visiting, Margot, you’re such an encouragement always!

      1. It’s going ok… been reading – and blogging about – the books I’m pre-reading for school. Now I’m just finishing up the practicalities before I head up there .. eek! Getting down to the wire :p

        Hope all is well with you 🙂

  2. had to look up languor first to really get it.. it’s sad when the moments pass without us really noticing and savoring…happens way too often.. we have to remind ourselves to stop and breathe..and just be..

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