Precision Forever Eludes Us

When I swerve to pounce

I know! I am sure! I trap it with a single clasp!

Harvest-full  my hands are, with precious, rarest cargo.

Yet when I open them, they dangle

bereft and bare.


When I nail it on the board for spread-eagled scrutiny,

its beating heart flutters elsewhere.

Missing the target, pinpricks will render

Superficial shrills into confetti thrills.

No capture, falling,  F



Quick shake-off –

nothing but dust –

back in ring to entice and encircle

voluptuous forevers and nevers,

untamed, unbowed, unrepentant.


I always fail.

Is there valour in trying?

Defeat feels anything but…


Next time –

always next time –

the vision will be luminous.

Sounds will surge forth, perfectly aligned.

Until then…


Here’s to the missing.

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34 thoughts on “Precision Forever Eludes Us”

  1. Oh, wow…you nailed this…right on! Beautiful write…with a kind of breathless quality…A capture in your poetry, at least. :))

  2. It’s always those fleeting ideas, moments, beautiful visions that are the hardest to keep isn’t it? The only thing we can do sometimes is remember…

  3. It’s certainly difficult – no, well-nigh impossible – to capture those fleeting images, those clever juxtapositions of ideas, those beautiful phrases. You don’t need next time for this one, Marina.

  4. intense…there is a sadness that comes to me in seeing the pinned up butterfly…ready for scrutiny, trapped…a bit of its beauty now gone in its death….yes there is valor in trying…we will never pin it down completely…but we can hope to keep it living…smiles.

    1. Always the question: do we kill the essence of something by trying to capture it? For a long time I thought the only reality that existed was something that could be captured in words. Now, more and more, they escape me.

  5. yes, there is always valor in trying, returning again and again may feel futile, but in truth, it is good practice. I love the sense of this falling down the page…

  6. The poem makes an interesting shape – I like how you did Falling… “Here’s to the missing,” yes… but I think there wasn’t missing here 🙂

    1. So kind of you to say so! Actually, there was a bit of a formatting kerfuffle on the ‘Falling’ – I wanted it to be more diagonal across the page, but it kept springing back to the vertical!

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