On Writing Poetry in the Morning


not at all

what to find in dredges

of my mind: appealing rhymes, rocking sounds,

or free verse galloping to the hounds, ideas so abstract,

sly turns of phrase, precise descriptions, felicitous haze. I wake with words crawling



every pore

refusing to battle

leading, coaxing, bullying more. Nothing

licks them into shape, so let them swarm gently, leaving agape,

Meaning, words drift asunder, while the Poet chases rainbows. It’s a perfect blunder!


This has been an interesting experiment of mathematical meter over at dVerse Poets.  I wrote a rhyming and metered poem yesterday which I have now redone to fit a Pascal Triangle, that is, 1-3-6-10-15-21 syllables in each line.  I am not sure it adds to the poetic experience (the rhymes have gone awry, of course, and I’ve had to lose or change words), but it’s all part of exercising the poetic muscle.


24 thoughts on “On Writing Poetry in the Morning”

  1. how cool it is to wake with words creeping out of every pore..and sometimes they do have their own life and will, don’t they… love me some wild and rebellious words that won’t bow to our restrictive thinking at times…ha.. love it..and as you know, i’m all about chasing rainbows…smiles

  2. its a scary proposition at times just to let the mind go and the words to have their way on the paper…but also quite appealing….hmm…wonder just how much trouble they could be….

  3. Marina Sofia – I love the way this expresses how important it is not to chase ideas, but to let them find you.

  4. Who is to figure what the mind does with words, Marina Sofia. We have to go where the words take us, chase those rainbows.

  5. I agree with you about flexing the poetic muscle. It sometimes pulls ideas into focus to tear a poem down and approach it in a new way. Writing this works here and re-writing mine for today works as well. It was a worthy exercise. Thanks.

  6. I can relate to this. Never seem to have pen and paper at hand on the mornings words decide to creep out of my pores…and then they are lost, forever…
    Anna :o]

    1. Aaargh – don’t you just hate it when that happens? Sometimes I wake up from a dream and think to myself – must remember this, must remember this – but I’m too tired to write it down. And when I do wake up, it’s inevitably gone!

      1. I do. I do. Happens all the time and not just after waking. Sometimes I will walk from one room to the next – to find pen and paper (and write my thoughts) – and in these brief moments – they’re gone, gone!
        Anna :o]

    1. Some are owls and some are larks. I just need that half-conscious state, so that I am not too critical with myself, otherwise nothing would ever get written!

  7. Meaning, words drift asunder,
    while the Poet chases rainbows.
    It’s a perfect blunder!

    This is quite a frequent occurrence. It tends to lead one astray. As a solution one needs to relax. It affected me too Marina! Nice Pascal based!


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