Sunday Escapism: Where Would You Go to Write?

New Forest Tree House Study Centre,
New Forest Tree House Study Centre,

What inspires you most?  A tree house?

Or maybe a house on the water?

A castle with a garden for all the five senses?

Chateau, Yvoire.
Chateau, Yvoire.

A book-lined garden shed? (Don’t think about damp and other practicalities for a moment!)


In my grandiose moments, I dream of escaping to the old Royal Salt Mine designed by that mad visionary Nicolas Ledoux.  It may be architecture on a huge scale, but it’s soothingly remote.

Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans
Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans

In the end, though, it will have to be sofa. Or maybe my garden deck.  Still, it could be worse, right?


14 thoughts on “Sunday Escapism: Where Would You Go to Write?”

  1. Marina Sofia – Oh, these are all gorgeous! Hmm…. I like that private book-lined garden shed – so cosy and comfortable looking. Damp or not it draws me in.

  2. I lean toward the book-lined garden shed, too. I’d also like to escape to a cabin in the mountains and write for an entire weekend while my family’s back home…but I don’t think my wife would go for that. So far me, it’ll have to be writing here in my chair while my two-year-old drinks juice, or in the dining room while my six-year-old runs around like a superhero.

    1. Readers are the most important of all. As someone said recently, could all the writers and wannabe writers cease their activities for a year or so, so that readers can catch up with things.

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