Flash Fiction: 55 Word Challenge

A quick little challenge for you: can you write a piece of Flash Fiction in just 55 words?  That’s what G-Man is challenging us to do each Friday over here.   I was planning a different blog post for today, an interview with a famous French crime writer, but that will come later on, as I could not resist this.

She’d forgotten the milk again. Never mind, dry cereal strengthens the teeth.  She watched their little jaws chewing, but the thought of eating any herself made her feel nauseous.

After walking them to school, she felt the familiar waves of blackness engulf her.  She opened the second bottle of vodka and thanked her lucky stars.


8 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: 55 Word Challenge”

  1. Oh, Marina Sofia, this is powerful! You’ve told such a lot in just a few words. It makes me want to know more about who she is and how she got that way…

  2. oh heck… this is so sad.. my father was drinking but luckily my mom was there, sober and caring… cannot even imagine how these kids must feel…tightly penned marina

    1. I seem to have a thing about dysfunctional parents. At least, in fiction. At least, I hope it’s only fiction.
      I can’t even begin to imagine how terrifying it must have been for you, Claudia.As Paul Celan would say, ‘es bleibt dir ein Hohlweg im Herzen’.

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