Autumn Clean

Remove-Makeup-Step-1For days I’ve caked my face with no make-up,

nor dried my hair with gusty blow.

I’ve not set forth in world’s jungle with bayonet lipstick,

I’ve let lianas grow.

I’ve invited light in, with a naked face.

Finished sentences, allowed time to think.

I’ve let children wander, rise above balloons of their fears,

and drift back with or without answers.

No urgency there.

I bask in the pleasure

of dayfall, dawn briskness.

Cooler temperatures make mountains clear

so inspiring

we always believe we can start afresh.

8 thoughts on “Autumn Clean”

  1. Marina Sofia – There’s nothing like that crisp freshness of an autumn day to bring a person back to life. It’s a good time to clean out one’s ‘mental attic’ too…

  2. I love the start of the new school year – I get my fix of stationery (alongside the kids) and am full of resolutions. And today we had an outstanding view of the whole chain of the Alps.

  3. This weekend started on the cool side, and I had 3 days off! I didn’t shave once… Damn them all if they don’t like my scratchy, splatchy face! Life is made to enjoy…… Endearing poem indeed….

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